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What are the signs that we need an electrical service panel replacement?

electrical service panel replacementThe electrical service panel is an essential component of an electrical power system that contains circuit breakers that disconnect circuits in the event of power surges to protect your gadgets and electrical equipment from short circuits. It is the point where the main power line enters the house and is distributed throughout the electrical system.

Circuit breakers keep tripping
A worn service panel is more and more prone to voltage fluctuations, which means that circuit disconnections occur regularly. When this happens, the circuit breakers keep tripping. This can also happen when the electrical demand of your home exceeds the current capacity of the panel.

It is necessary to replace the electrical service panel if you find yourself resetting the circuit breakers several times a week. When you hardly ever had to do so before. Make an appointment with a trusted electrical repair service provider to perform a home electrical safety check and have the panel repaired or replaced.

Circuit breakers do not reset
Resetting the circuit breaker that tripped should solve the problem. But you may be dealing with a faulty switchboard if the breaker does not reset long enough or if the reset fails to restore power. If this is your problem. Be sure to contact us to take appropriate remedial action before the difficulty worsens.

What Are the Warning Signals of an Electrical Fire in My Electrical Service Panel?

The wires inside your electrical service panel wear down over time. When they get exposed and quickly burn out, they can cause small electrical fires that require the expertise of emergency electricians in Barnet. Here are some signs you need to look out for to identify electrical fires in your service panel:

1) Lights flicker when operating other electrical appliances

Cross interference, such as the dimming of lights, can occur if the energy demand exceeds the available energy, for example when operating high-voltage appliances. Improve the safety of your home by upgrading your electrical system. By increasing the number of sockets and switches, you can ensure that the system is able to adapt to modern energy requirements.

2) Use an old fuse box

A circuit consists of several sockets connected to a single wire that is operated by a fuse or circuit breaker. To increase electrical safety and avoid the risk of appliances overloading, overheating and burning out, upgrade your electrical system, especially if you still use an old fuse box. Replace it as soon as possible with an electrical box model with more circuit breakers.


The switchgear can wear out or become damaged over time, making it dangerous. Make sure it works optimally by having it inspected regularly and watch out for warning signs, so that it can be replaced or repaired immediately when necessary. If you need to repair or replace an electrical service panel, contact the electrician near you.

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